Saturday, March 26, 2011


That's right.  It's snowing in Kansas City.  And it's Springtime.  Two things that ought never to be happening simultaneously are happening, namely, snow falling and spring fever in my heart.  What a terrible malady this is when there is nowhere to vent!

Never fear.  I do have a racquetball court where I can vent some of this Springtime frustration.  Feel free to come by the apartment and play a game with me if your fever is as mine.  That is, uncontainable.

1 comment:

  1. Snowing in the Spring? Hopefully, it won't accumalate. Guess we'll get our exercise shoveling if it does. I like snow the first few times; but now, I am definitely ready for sping-timish weather.

    Sounds like fun to play raquetball, especially when it's snowing outside! To bad we can't play baseball outside now...well, I guess you could if you wanted to play in the snow.

    Is raquetball kind of like tennis? Except for the fact that you hit the ball againt the wall and not to the other person?