Friday, March 4, 2011


Melissa and I just got home from Tulsa not too long ago.  Although, knowing you are going to be moving into a new place the following weekend makes it not really home anymore.  I am beginning to feel the stress bear down on me as the day to move edges closer.  We have to be back in Tulsa on the 15th of March and so we will be moving next weekend.  This leaves a gap of about three days from the time we move in to the time we are making our next trip to Tulsa.  That is stressful.  The apartment is only 710 sq ft and our house is about 2400 sq ft.  
Needless to say, everything will not fit.  I am not mourning the loss of any of my stuff though.  I really do not need most of it and will be glad to get rid of it actually.  Most of the stuff that will be moved is in boxes.  There are only 7 pieces of furniture going with us, 8 if you include the mattress.  The rest of the stuff will be packed in boxes.  I have not rented a truck yet, but will need to get that done soon.  Not to mention switching over all of the utilities.  

I am not complaining.  Please pray that I do not stress out about this so much.

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