Monday, March 21, 2011


Melissa and I have moved into our new apartment complex and have pretty much unpacked everything.  We threw away a lot of stuff that we didn't have room to store, but it is always better to pack lighter.  One of the amenities here is that they have two racquetball courts in the clubhouse.

If you have never played racquetball, let me inform you that it is quite a workout.  Some say you burn up to 800 calories/hour!  It is truly a fun sport and so you don't notice the workout until you are finished or in between games when you are standing around waiting to get a drink of water at the water fountain.  It is a relatively simple sport played in an enclosed room that is 20ft wide, 40ft long and 20ft high.  I really enjoy the sounds of the game.  The echoes you hear in this little room of two people smashing a ball against a wall is really funny.  Noises you won't hear anywhere else really.  It makes for a great time and a great workout, so if you are wondering what to do for a workout, let me suggest racquetball. 

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  1. {My comment seems to keep disappearing for one reason or another. I'm determined to get this to work eventually, though. I'm sorry if you end up getting this comment like three times.}

    This is wonderful! Why don't we all just move into apartments? We can give away our lawnmowers and replace those summer time jobs with racquetball. Doesn't sound too bad ;)

    Actually, I didn't know what racquetball was the other day when you left that commment on my blog. I read a bit about it that afternoon (where would I be without Google?). Have fun smashing balls against the walls in the days ahead.

    And yes, we all--with the exception of Bethany who want to be the one and only family member repsonsible for mowing the yard--thank you both for the lawnmower.