Saturday, April 23, 2011


Melissa and I went out this morning/afternoon and passed out more tracts. It is another good story of God's magnificent planning and providence, although during today's expedition it sure didn't feel so great.

The story begins in our apartment where we decided to go to the Downtown area of Kansas City this time and having not been there in quite sometime we didn't know we would need any parking money. The last time I was downtown, there was always plenty of parking, but that was before the Power & Light District was up and running. So, we drove around for an hour trying to find a free parking spot and found that if they do exist, they are few and near impossible to find available, let alone find at all. We eventually gave up and just planned on bringing parking money with us next time. We headed for the Westport area and as we passed through the streets of the Westport district we ran into the same situation. No parking! I was feeling like it was nearly a lost cause by now and just wanted to head home, and yet, not completely ready to throw in the towel. Before we knew it, we were in the Plaza district, which is where we have spent the last two Saturdays. We were driving down one of the many streets there and who do you think we see? Remember that guy who I blogged about two weeks ago who came up and asked for money? Yes! We see him standing at an intersection asking for money and holding a 'homeless' sign in his hand. We turned the car around and positioned ourselves at the stoplight where he was begging. He walks up to the window and asks for money and since we didn't have any that's what we told him. We gave him a tract and he took it and put it in his jacket pocket. The last time we saw him he wouldn't take one and walked off saying that he had already 'read everything'. The Lord had different plans for him though. Please pray that God works in this man's heart. We are planning on going back in that direction and looking for him again sometime in order to get into a conversation with him. 

We ended up in Loose Park, somewhere in between Waldo and Westport and passed out tracts there, which was pretty uneventful. Pray the Lord will use the literature we made available to a lost and dying world to glorify His name.

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