Saturday, April 9, 2011


My wife and I went out this afternoon passing out tracts in Kansas City.  We drove North of where we live into the Plaza area.  This is an area of the city where middle to high class people live and shop.  If you've ever read John Bunyan's book 'Pilgrim's Progress', than you'll remember the town in that book called, 'Vanity'.  The Plaza area is a pretty good image of that town.  There is a park that is in the middle of this area and we went there to distribute the tracts we brought with us.  A man on methamphetamine came up to us demanding money.  It was intimidating because he was a pretty big guy and probably could have taken the money I had on me, but I just told him I only came out here to give away tracts and he then asked if I would purchase a blowpop from him for 25 cents (he had already began eating it), to which I responded the same as I had before.  He informed me he was a pagan and began walking away.  We walked off and as we were leaving he was mumbling about how he had read everything.  We gave tracts to all sorts of people.  There was a group of people gathered in the park protesting the wars that the U.S. is currently fighting and so I, being a combat veteran myself, decided to engage in light conversation with a couple of the guys.  I gave two of them tracts and signed up on their email list.  I formally introduced myself to a guy named Aaron, who had organized the entire protest, so hopefully I will hear from him again.  It was a good time out and we are sure to hit that park up again, as there were so many people there!  Please pray the Lord would use Melissa and I to really get a chance to minister to people when we go out next time.


  1. I thought of you both this morning, actually, and wondered if you had any plans to pass out tracts, since you've been talking of doing such. It was wonderful to read the post just now; it definitely encouraged me today. The King is worthy to be lived for!

  2. It is amazing to me how many chances we get and pass by to do what you did that day. It was a gift you gave those people and they may not even see it. I will pray that they don't forget what you did. I am also glad to hear that you two want to go there again despite the minor encounter with that one guy. God has made a big difference in both of your lives. I hope that even I will face my fears and go with you two someday. I must say that I am afraid, what you said about that guy made me afraid for you both, but God is with you and I am glad you two have no fear. Please pray that I would find that trust in the Lord as well and not fear man. Pray that Psalm 118:6 would come to life for me, which states, "The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?"