Sunday, April 3, 2011


I was reading about the protests going on in Afghanistan and across the Middle East concerning Pastor(should I even call him that?) Terry Jones in Florida who burned the Qur'an on March 20th in remembrance of September 11, 2001. Around 20 people have been killed in these protests and many more wounded.  We can all learn from this incident and the events that followed.

1) As a Christian, we were never told to do anything that will antagonize anyone else to sin.  This is exactly what this supposed man of God did.  If radical Muslims are lost, than it is no wonder they commit heinous acts of violence.  People in America commit heinous acts of violence against others just as much, if not more and so burning their religious material will not help their situation, anymore than burning the Qur'an will.

2) Idiots exist and many who say they are Christians act otherwise.  This is a fact that we all need to realize.  If this is true than we need to realize that people like Mr. Jones are going to attack you and when he does, do NOT do what the Arab world is doing.  People are being killed because a man burned a book.  True, this man is an idiot and ought never to have been publicly broadcast to the world, but what is done is done.  Just because someone acts stupid, doesn't mean we all get to act stupid back to show the first stupid guy that he's stupid.  Turn the other cheek, I believe the answer is. 

Let's review:

1) Don't be stupid.  Love others.

2) When the world hates you, know that the world hated Jesus first.

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