Saturday, April 23, 2011


I woke up this morning, the day after Good Friday and had this thought. Imagine being a disciple of Jesus Christ the day after he was crucified. Some were probably talking about the recent events that took place incessantly and others may have been more secluded in their reactions and spent the day in silence.  No matter their reaction, it wasn't a good feeling. Let us all recall the sins that crucified our Savior and as the cross comes into view, build a greater hatred for sin and a greater love for a lost and dying world.

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  1. When reading the Bible it is good to think through what it actually would have been like for the people you read of. The account of the crucifixtion & resurrection (?) can easily be read as simply three/four chapters and that take probably no more than 15 minutes straight through. But the crucifixtion wasn't just a chapter before the ressurection. I think I miss learning so much because my tendency is to read just chapters sucessively. The instructions to meditate stand out continually, and more and more I see my great need of God & His word.

    The post was thought provoking. Thanks.