Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Reading Psalm 87 this morning was a great comfort to me.  It ends by saying in verses 5-7
 5But of Zion it shall be said, "This one and that one were born in her";
         And the Most High Himself will establish her.
    6The LORD will count when He registers the peoples,
         "This one was born there." Selah.
    7Then those who sing as well as those who play the flutes shall say,
         "All my springs of joy are in you."
The point the Psalmist is making here is that it will be something to be called a child of Zion!  The Lord will account it a great thing for a man to be born in Zion!  And those who sing within Zion will testify that all of their springs of joy are in God.  Indeed, if you have been born again and have tasted the goodness of the Lord, your joy is found in Him and no where else.  It is a lifelong quest of joy-seeking, found only in God.  This great, experienced joy is the very thing that draws us away from sin and onward toward greater and great Holiness.  It is the conforming of us into the image of Jesus Christ.

Truly, all of my springs of joy are in God!

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