Thursday, May 26, 2011


I read somewhere that as little as 1 percent of the world mission force is working among Islamic nations.  The church has more missionaries working among Alaska's 400,000 residents than the entire Muslim world.  There is about one missionary for every 1 million Muslims.  Over 80% of all Muslims have never heard the gospel.  There are about 1.4 billion Muslims on the planet.  That's around 1/5th of the globe's population.  I have been praying for sometime now that God would use me in some way to reach these people.  I have been confused because I am not necessarily nation oriented in the Lord's leading, but have had my heart oriented toward this massive 'people group' who share a common set of beliefs.  There is much for the Lord to teach me concerning this people.  We must understand that not all Muslims are Arabs nor are all Arabs, Muslims.  In fact, there are Arab Christians.  The Arab Christian church has many denominations, that differ greatly from the average Western denominations.  There is a great history behind all of this, which I do not intend to get into.  My point is that we, as a church, need to be praying for the Muslim world and not view it as an enemy.  The average American might view the entire Arab world this way, but it is not biblical for Christians to view anyone this way.  Please pray that God would open up opportunities for the gospel to be preached among them.  Pray that the Lord would warm your heart to love others, even those whom your culture teaches you to have a general disdain for.

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