Thursday, May 5, 2011


Once upon a time, a man and his boy lived in a house in a certain city. The boy used to sneak out back and hide behind the shed to get away from his father.  The boy was a teenager and was attempting to get away from the rules his father had set for him.  He began experimenting with drugs and took up marijuana as his drug of choice.  One day, the boy's father found out about this young man's escapades and confronted him.  It did not go well, nevertheless the two remained together.

Flash forward 10 years later.

In the same home you now see the boy in the living room breaking down marijuana on the coffee table into smaller bags to be sold. The father walks in, picks up the bags and leaves the home to make a sale.

This amazing transformation sounds like something that could never happen in a million years and yet it is something I saw with my very eyes.  The father who used to chastise the boy for his straying is now himself straying.  Sin truly is defiling.  Sin makes you less effective in recognizing something as wrong and over a period of time, you find yourself doing the very things you said you would never do.

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