Saturday, December 17, 2011


I am truly grateful for Melissa's tumor markers falling so dramatically this time around.  We just got home from another visit to the doctors in Tulsa at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and have found that the new drugs she is on are working very nicely.  I am thankful to serve a loving God who listens to men.  God's sovereignty ought not amaze us so nearly as much as God's love for us.  It is right for God to have control of all things.  Such a being would not be God without such control and yet his love for us is not necessary to his being.  His love for us is something he chooses to do out of his sheer....well love for us.  I pray that your service to him would flow out of this never ending fountain that bears the name of Jesus.  God truly did love the world so much that he sent Jesus for the purpose of joining me to him by taking away all things that have separated us.  Why?  Well, because of his love for me.  And it is this love for me that allows, nay, is the very fiber and fuel of my boldness to ask God to do great things for me, one being that Melissa get better and not die from this terrible illness.  This is a desire of mine and I wholeheartedly desire others to see God move on my behalf so that they might begin to see the extent of God's love for them.  Yes, God is sovereign, but he is willing to use that sovereignty to give his children good things if only they would have faith to ask.