Monday, February 28, 2011


Today's blog will be a sort of history lesson for anyone concerned about the title of this blog.  Where the idea for the name came from.  The name of this blog is: "If the Son has set you free...".  

I imagine that many know this came out of the Bible.  Fewer may be able to say it was out of the book of John and still fewer maybe know it was Chapter 8 and verse 36.  

It reads in the ESV, "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."

And so one might ask, "Why did Joe add the word 'has' in the title of this blog?  

Well, to be honest, I did not get the title from the Bible.  I quoted a man named Jason Bellard but I am sure he got it from the Bible.  He is a Christian musician, who plays guitar and sings.  And it was one of his songs where I found this variation of John 8:36.  The exact phrase I got this from was a song titled, 'Save us indeed'.  Mr. Bellard has recorded many songs that are God-honoring and is not selling them for profit.  You can find his mp3's on the internet for free download.  I really enjoyed this song when I heard it and sing it often.  A truly inspiring song.  It is at the 1:46 mark in the following video where I got the name of this blog from.  I thought you all might be interested, especially those who noticed right off hand that I hadn't quoted the verse exactly the way it appears in the good book.  Enjoy!

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